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Minimum Deposit for FBS Copy Trade

If you have read our FBS review, chances are that you already know a lot about what this major forex broker has to offer. Here though we take the opportunity to hone in on some specifics.

Specific to these are the various funding methods available at FBS and in particular the FBS minimum deposit and how this may change depending on the choices you make.

What is the FBS Minimum Deposit?

FBS minimum deposit is $1 in their Cent Account. Then, depending on your location and account type, the minimum deposit may vary.

This is especially true for the most advanced FBS accounts like FBS ECN or FBS Zero Spread Accounts, which are designed for expert traders and will not work well with smaller deposits.

Now that you know the minimum deposit amount, did you know that with a FBS Cent account you can open Forex & CFD trades even with a few USD (not hundreds of USD) thanks to the availability of nano lots? Visit the FBS website and see for yourself! (74-89% retail CFD accounts lose money)

FBS Cent Account
The FBS Cent account is one that offers great value especially for new traders, trading cents.

FBS Cent accounts are available worldwide and have a very reasonable minimum deposit of 10 EUR within the EU or just 1 USD when trading outside Europe.

This account is not easy to find with most forex brokers. This is a great account type for beginners as it offers nano lots for an extra low risk trading experience. If you are interested in this type of account, or potentially find an alternative to the FBS Cent account, you should really take a look at our selection of the best nano lot size forex brokers.

FBS Standard Account
The FBS Standard Account is once again the one provided by the broker to traders all over the world.

An Islamic account is always available if you need one, and the minimum deposit here is 100 USD.

Leverage on this account type, as well as on other FBS account types, is 1:3000. No wonder this feature is included in our top 10 highly leveraged brokers.

FBS Micro Account
The FBS Micro Account is one of the best micro accounts available for those who trade from outside Europe and trade in micro lots. This account type offers excellent value again with a minimum deposit of only $5 to trade, and good Islamic accounts are available upon request.

Zero Spread FBS Account
Another account that is only available outside of Europe is the FBS Zero Spread Account. This account makes spread-free trading available despite commissions.

FBS Zero Spread Account minimum deposit is $500 with another Islamic account option available if required.

Although not available in Europe, it is still considered one of the best zero spread forex brokers.

FBS ECN Account
Continuing a trend only available outside of Europe, the FBS ECN account provides fast and effective ECN execution of your trades at the best prices and lowest spreads. Commissions are charged, and only forex trading is available.

FBS ECN account has a minimum deposit of $1,000.

FBS CopyTrading Account
The last type of FBS account to look at is the CopyTrading account. Again this is only available to those who trade from outside Europe and you can choose to be a signal provider or an investor.

If you choose to become a signal provider, you should be aware that you will only be allowed to open standard or micro account types so you will be subject to these conditions and the minimum deposit associated with the account.

As an investor, also known as CopyTrader, you can open any type of account and start copying trades once your account is verified and you have a balance of over $100.

So, in the end, the FBS copy trade minimum deposit is $100.

If you are interested in copy trading then you can find everything from its history, how it works and even the brokers providing the best copy trading platforms in the industry that we found.

FBS Crypto Account
FBS is launching a new crypto service in 2021, and it can be accessed through the FBS Crypto Account.

The minimum deposit for an FBS Crypto Account is $1.

With over 100 cryptocurrencies available, the spreads here start from 1 pip, plus a small commission on opening and closing of just 0.05%.

This accessibility is highlighted by the minimum deposit of just $1. The spreads and trading fees here are also very valuable. It starts from just 1 pip with 0.05% commission on open, and 0.05% on closing position.