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IPO of Onfolio Holdings: Venture Investments in Sites

In the early days of the internet, listing websites in every country was quite simple. However, the technology of creating websites is becoming easier and easier, the developer community is growing and the number of Internet platforms is growing accordingly.

LIKE today, websites compete in terms of structure, attractiveness, and uniqueness of design, as well as usability, popularity, and originality of content. The goal never changes: the number of interested visitors remains the priority.

However, at the dawn of global web development, few could have predicted that over time, online platforms would become the subject of huge investments and attract investors.

Today we will discuss the details of a company called Onfolio Holdings Inc. investing in small locations with good growth potential. On June 23, he joined the NASDAQ under the ticker ONFO.

What we know about Onfolio Holdings

The company acquired a controlling interest in a small business in an industry with long-term growth prospects whose website generates cash flow of up to $5 million per year. In this way, Onfolio Holdings Inc. diversify risk by investing in various online resources.

Website requirements:

experience communicating with payment media;
increased audience growth trajectory;
expand the industry or sector;
varied visitor flows;
diversified revenue streams.

Onfolio Holdings invests in internet platforms either directly or through its subsidiaries – Onfolio LLC, Vital Reaction LLC, Mighty Deals LLC, Onfolio Gaming LLC, Inner Studios LLC and Onfolio Crafts LLC.

The most promising sectors:

Arts and crafts;
molecular hydrogen additives;
B2B SEO services;
graphic design;
computer technology;
find and verify information about people;
social network system.

Onfolio Holdings Bisnis Business

As of March 31 this year, the total investment withdrawn by Onfolio Holdings Inc. is $6.9 million. The main investors become Meraki Partners.

According to the Valuates Reports report, the global digital content market is worth USD 161 billion in 2020. It is projected to reach $241 billion by 2027. Thus, the average annual growth will reach 5.9%.

The main drivers of growth are the increase in the number of connected devices, the acceleration of connections, and the increased demand for content from users who spend more time on the Internet. According to forecasts, the number of new users in the Asia-Pacific region will grow significantly in 2027, especially in China.

Ongolio Holdings' main competitors are InterActiveCorp, Future plc, WeCommerce Holdings, EMERGE Commerce, Red Ventures, Thrasio, Drink HRW, Dr. Mercola, Quicksilver Scientific, AppSumo, Font Bundle and Creative Market.

The issuer has no net income, so we will start examining the company based on its profitability. The Form S-1 for the 3 months ended March 31, 2022 shows a decrease in sales volume of 24.99% to $386,000 compared to statistics for the same month last year.

Revenue in 2021 increased by 141.33% compared to the 2020 statistics, reaching $1.81 million. Revenue in the last 12 months was $1.69 million.

Net loss rose 380.44% to $749,000 from January to March.

Net cash flow for the 12 months ended March 31, 2022 was negative and stood at $1.67 million. At the end of March 2022, the company had an account amounting to USD 1.3 million, while total general liabilities reached USD 0.57 million.